A Poem For Broken Boys

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Wounded Men seeking freedom by confronting the silence surrounding their past inflictions as Broken Boys.


Many men live with scars from their past that never heal. These scars often result in issues that spill over into other areas in life. The issues manifest is various ways. 10698552_10152407958906025_3632777316672591937_n“A Poem for Broken Boys” explores the impact silence has brought into the lives of five men: Church, Dance, Comedy, Music and Poet.dsc_0719

Church the leader of the bunch is exemplified as a zealous Reverend loved by all but behind his faith, lies a past he avoids. Dance is a feminine man given to his artistry yet uses it to escape his childhood reality. Comedy avoids attacks by using humor to shield the secret he holds. Music is a suave ladies man whose charm often leads him captive. Poet is a writer and thinker who has a quest to write a Poem for the least of these in the world on his journey he finds the freedom they all need.

In what was to be a routine Men’s meeting at church these young men are confronted with their own reality. In exposing their wounds these Wounded Men are left with the truth. They were all once Broken Boys.

The play seeks to provoke conversation. It challenges its audience to look at the reality of what is happening to young men around the world who suffer silently with wounds from their childhood.