Cirvant is a Self-Published Author under the name; Terrance {Cirvant} French.1456022_10152424795733569_2109518263_n.jpg

Wounded Healer; Memoirs and Poems of a Broken Boy 2013

The first book by Cirvant chronicles his story. From losing his mother of HIV to being sexually abused he recounts his struggle through Poems and Memoirs. Leading the reader on his journey of sexual addiction to choosing to face his demons.






She Stole My Heart, 2017

The second book from Cirvant is a collection of stories and poetry inspired by trips to Africa; and the passionate love affair with the continent that followedsHE sTOLE My HEART.jpg. In this deeply personal body of work he shares memories (ranging from absurdly comical to seemingly life-threatening terror) that resulted in unexpected but critical life lessons. As he reminisces on his first dance with Mama Africa Cirvant takes readers on a journey down her Red dirt roads of Uganda and her busy city streets of Capetown, honoring the beauty, pain, joy, struggle, and pride of her people.