Cirvant spent many years with the group Love In A Big World, Inc2016-11-07 10.51.08-27.jpg. as a Motivational Speaker. He joined the group in the year 2000 and went on to start his own branch of the organization reaching into Africa. With the organization, he has reached over 500,000 youth.

Cirvant passion has been to use his story and experiences to help others. 1380180_684032804942563_237680437_nHe has traveled throughout the states and now to many countries sharing his story. Using his wounds and struggles to bring light and freedom to others.

Licensed in 2005 at Church of the Messiah, Nashville. He has spoken in; Conferences, Village, Churches, and Schools across the world.10511142_732485603476901_5983691244750182637_n  Partnered with his passion for Poetry and unique style of conversational speaking He aims to reach his audience with authenticity.
“I just want to be real. People want Real but they don’t want Real, Real. They want real packaged right…which isn’t real. Real, real is messy. I am far to jacked up to pretend like I got it all together. I don’t. I am just a dude with issues, who has Jesus and some faith. I have seen how Jesus helps me. If He can do it for me…He can do it for you. So I just offer all I have and hope it helps. My prayer is always…Jesus, Help your boy, Let them see you.”