Cirvant began his Africa journey serving in Kampala and Gulu,11140297_10153354122061025_6398425443094022179_n.jpg Uganda in 2008 and Now having a School named for Cirvant’s Little Acorn that opened in Gulu in 2015.

The school was founded by a kid Cirvant met on his first trip to Uganda, a kid named “I honestly thought, what do I have to share with these kids. They have experienced things I cannot even imagine. But then I shared my story, and this kid Justin told me…thanks for that. africa-170He said it helped him. I didn’t know how at all. I left that day thinking I made no impact but then I returned a few months later and the kids were different. africa-fall-08-438The social worker told me…my impact changed these kids…Justin was leading the pack that day.
 I was [blown] away. Sharing my story helped and I thought my time there was pointless. That’s when I knew I was built for this.”

Justin went on to graduate and start a family. Moving to Gulu he saw a need for a school and built one naming it after Cirvant. Cirvant keeps in touch with him and many of the others he met in Uganda.